▍3D® MAXpider Car Mats vs Imitation Floor Mats

Recently we found out that there are fake 3D MAXpider Car Mat in the market and passing off as original mat. Such Imitation/ Counterfeits car mats are not made to the same high standard of the Genuine 3D MAXpider Car Mats. Our Investigation also shows that there are many of these were made with hazardous & banned material. In order to ensure the rights of the consumers, we would like to clarify the differences between Genuine 3D®️ Mats and Imitation Car Mats. Please let us share the differences between Genuine 3D®️ Mats and Imitation Car Mats.

How to Distinguish between 3D®️ MAXpider Car Mats and Imitation Car Mats?

| Color | 

You may notice that Genuine 3D®️ MAXpider Car Mats are darker while the Imitation Car Mat is lighter in color, it is very close resembles of Light Gray. In the following image, the Genuine 3D®️ MAXpider Car Mats on the left resemble a darker tone color like Black or Dark Grey while on the right Imitation Car Mats has lighter color similar to Light Gray. 

Post image

| Fineness of The "edge" | 

Genuine 3D®️ MAXpider Car Mats have Fine Cuts that cutting out from the machine that follow the curves smoothly and precisely. As for the Imitation Car Mats the edges cut looks Uneven, Rough and look likes the mats has been hand cut. You may notice easily through the picture below showing the differences between 3D®️ MAXpider Car Mats and Imitation Car Mats on the aspect of fine cuts on the edges.

Post image

Post image

| Anti-Skid Backing | 

MAXpider backing is 3D®️ Mats Patented Technology that has special non-slip backing, design to grip the car floor of your original interior carpets without damaging the car floor. It has pulling force of 50kg so that the 3D®️ MAXpider Car Mats will not move when you are driving on the steep hill or has many turns on the road. As for the Imitation Car Mats, the bottom backing is relatively smooth and has insufficient grip. It will cause driving hazards due to car mats will slips when driving. 

Please check out the following image to see the differences between 3D®️ Mats and Imitation Products backing.

Post image

Post image

| Precise Design| 

3D®️ Mats uses advanced laser scanning to get the accuracy and precise measurement for each of the car model so that 3D®️ Mats would fit perfectly in 3-Dimensional Shape for each of the car chassis. 

For example, The 3D®️ Mats are slightly thinner in the highlighted part as shown below because when our technician would consider the distance of the pedal can be pressed down so that 3D®️ Mats would not block and endanger the driver while driving on he road. If this part of the car mat is thick, it may caught up with the pedal and may cause an accident on the road.

The Green Highlighted part shown the thinner part that specially design for safety on the road. 

Post image

Post image

Post image


| Fitment  Design | 

3D®️ Mats uses Advanced Laser Scanning and CNC Moulding to obtain the accurate and precise measurement for each of the car model so that 3D®️ Mats has the design that follow the curvature of the car floor. 3D®️ Mats is properly grasp onto the car floor contours so that the car mat will not slip. Therefore, if there are grooves or curves on the chassis of the car, 3D®️ MAxpider Car Mats will follow their curvature design instead of just covering them flatly. 

From the 2 pictures below, you can see the differences of Fitment Design between Genuine 3D®️ Mats and Imitation Car Mats.

Post image

Post image

Heel Pad Design is incredibly important for the car mats. A flat Heel Pad that does not follow the car floor contour might affect your driving as Heel Pad support your driving legs. 3D Mats Heel Pad Design follow the car floor contour as shown in the picture below so that the driver can pedal safely and comfortable. Unlike Imitation Car Mats, their Heel Pad Design is flat that has some air gap below which causes the driver feeling uncomfortable and might causes some safety issues.

The 2 Green Arrows below show the differences of Heel Pad Design.

Post image

Post image

| ECO-Friendly & Non-Toxic | 

Since 1985, 3D®️ have been conducting research, development, repeated tests and improvements for many years to ensure that our consumers who use 3D®️ can ensure their lives while driving.3D®️ Mats. For reassurance, The 3D®️ has undergo many different tests and developments to ensure that the 3D®️ Mats Car Mats are made of Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly Materials and have passed strict SGS Testing. We also make sure that our mats are California Prop 65 compliant. 

The 3D®️ Mats customer service team is ready to help if you have any issues and provide you with our great services that able to process your order in timely manner. We will ship your parcel the next working day as long as we have ready stock and we keep a sufficient quantities of stock to support the local market. 

Please choose the real 3D®️ Mats exclusive car mats, our specialty is worth your own!

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