3D®️ Mats vs Imitation

Beware of 3D®️ Mats Imitation today! In order to ensure the rights of consumers, we are here to tell you the differences between Genuine 3D®️ Mats and Imitation products.

1. The Colour

Have a look at the picture below, the Genuine 3D®️ Mats is darker in colour compare to Imitation product. The Imitation products is very light grey in colour.

2. The "Fine" edges of the Car Mat

The Genuine 3D®️ Mats uses machine cutter which has the fine cutting that follow the curve. It is very precise and neat cutting. As for the Imitation products the edge cuts are jagged and rough, as if they were cut by hand. 

3. The Patented Technology Anti Skid Backing "MAXpider"

The Genuine 3D®️ Mats has the special non-slip backing "MAXpider" which provide firm grip onto the carpet surface without damaging the car floor. In comparison to the Imitation products, the bottom backing is relatively smooth and has insufficient grip that might cause hazard during driving as it might slip.

4. "Throttle Pedaling" Design

The Genuine 3D®️ Mats has a slightly thinner at the bottom part of the pedal area as we considered the distance between our car mat and the throttle can be pressed down when we are scanning the depth of the car floor. If this part was thick, the distance would be limited and may cause an accident on the road.

 The Green highlighted area is as mentioned "thinner" part. 

5. The Accuracy "adherence" degree of 3D®️ Mats

There are different curvature and height difference of the groove surface for each of the car model so we used Advanced Laser Scanning to measure the car floor to obtain the car chassis size data. Hence, the 3D®️ Mats follow the car floor contour to the fullest. You would feel flat and comfort without any air gaps at the bottom. 

There are some vehicles that don't have the car mat locking mechanism so the adherence is very important. The car mat has to follow the contour of the car floor to have the proper grip on the car floor with no slipping issue. The picture below showcase the curvature between Genuine and Imitation of 3D®️ Mats 👇🏼

6. Passed SGS testing for Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable and Odorless

Genuine 3D®️ Mats products has undergo many different tests and developments. Ensuring the 3D®️ Mats car mats are made of Non-Toxic and Environmental Friendly materials and have passed strict SGS testing. It is proven to ensure the safety drive. 


To Sum It Up

Imitation products is cheap but does it worth it? Since 1985, 3D®️ Mats Team have been conducting research, development, repeated tests and improvements for many years to ensure that consumers using 3D®️ can ensure their lives while driving.

Please choose the Genuine 3D®️ Mats exclusive car mats, our profession is worthy of your own.

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